Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) by tens of percent by using our application. You will gain complete control above supplier, internal, and customer non-quality and significantly eliminate the repetition of the same mistakes (Lessons Learned). Our quality metrics will tell you the story of non-quality in your company. Your employees will follow standardised quality inspection process, and concentrate their efforts where it matters the most thanks to qualituner quality inspection optimisation algorithm.


​​Thank to the data from our application, you will easily identify relevant pain areas, we will guide you to find its root causes, and help you not only to solve it, but most importantly prevent it in the future. Our Solve module will guide you through problem solving of product as well as process discrepancies. Using ACT module you will gain control of all actions coming out of your issue solving. Both modules include robust business intelligence metrics that provide full control of Continuous Development process from anywhere and any device.


Do you manufacture machines or just single components? Thanks to the advanced technology of our application, you can create inspection plans directly on a tablet just next to your product, sample, or prototype in real time. Define various inspection steps, define inspection types like visual, dimensional, functional, electrical, etc. Adjust quality coverage level of inspections defining quantity of samples inspected per batch. Take photos of your visual inspections, and make highlight to focus inspector eyes to any part of that photo, describe the inspection steps, and define short operational instructions. Your inspection plans are automatically assigned to product items, which greatly helps to save the amount of required inspection plans.


We amplify non-quality detection in your company and save your reputation towards your customers. This is one of the keen features of our application.
We have much more features than this, feel free to explore more about Qualituner…


​Qualituner app is fully compatible with all mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. All functions and adjustments that increase user comfort and clarity of application control are also available on mobile devices. The visual appearance of the Qualituner application remains fully compatible with graphics on all devices. We can connect to any system so that it works as one metabolism. The application is fully available in five different language versions CZ, SK, PL, ENG and DE.


​Qualituner is new product from WEEM Solution s.r.o. It is so-called CAQ (Computer Aided Quality) web application that has been developed for managing quality and continuous improvement in manufacturing companies. Our application is the result of over 20 years of experience in quality management system development and can be applied to small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations. It can function independently or as a part of the whole company system.

The ambition of Qualituner is to save you cost of poor quality, administration costs, and protect the company's reputation towards your customers.

Simply said, we want to help our customers of Qualituner to have quality in their businesses under control and provide powerful tool to tune it up over time.
We are sure, that Qualituner will help your business...


​Qualituner has been fully implemented at KOVO Koudelka s.r.o.

Qualituner completely transformed the quality management and component inspection in our company. Several tools suddenly became just one. It's a simple application that met all our requirements. If there was an area that didn't fully meet our needs, the developers had no problem adjusting or supplementing it based on our requirements. Finally, we have all the tools in one place, an overview of the quality employees, their performance, and we no longer have to rely on human honesty since all actions are recorded in the application. With the help of the Qualituner team, processes run completely automatically, with the application directly receiving order data from our ERP. After the initial setup, it's a completely low-maintenance and reliable tool. I can recommend it.

Martin Stříteský
Quality Manager, KOVO Koudelka

The application is user-friendly and provides options for entering specific values, such as dimension tolerances and decimal numbers. This can help minimize errors during data entry and ensure that the measured values are within the specified dimension tolerance. Users will appreciate the easy input of required data, and the application is capable of processing and utilizing these values correctly. Another useful feature is, for example, displaying an error message if the user enters a value outside the tolerance range, creating photo documentation of errors, preventing the repetition of mistakes in the future, monitoring scrap rates, and exporting values to other formats. The application is reliable, stable, and offers updates and support from the developers.

Quality Inspectors Team
KOVO Koudelka